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Just wanted to say that the next AA update will probably be very interesting. The thing I feel will be one of the nicest things is this:

"Co-Op Gameplay vs. a new AI Enemy

To date, America's Army has been singularly focused upon objective-based, multiplayer gameplay in missions set against a balanced human enemy. With Overmatch, we'll debut two new missions that will pit Rangers and Special Forces against an overwhelming force of Enemy AI Soldiers and Vehicles. Rather than presenting players with the one-to-one odds, as is customary in our current missions, these two new levels represent asymmetric conflict; wherein the enemy outnumbers the U.S. forces by upwards of three-, four- and even five-to-one! The new AI enemy represents a more organized military force than the insurgency/terrorist antagonists of our multiplayer missions."


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I haven't played AA for a few months, and I'm afraid that if my parents don't start to move files to our new harddrive I won't be able to download this. It sounds awesome. :(

P.S.: Honestly how hard is it to ctrl-x + ctrl-v? :P

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