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BROKEN ARROW V1.0 final 24th July


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Broken Arrow

is a new map, 24th July and the last for a while.

Rocky will upload to Grnet soon.


On a cold October morning high in the hills,

A train carrying a nuclear missile shipment has been stopped in the Nors [Arrow] tunnel by rebels. Your job is to secure the train and it's shipment and

neutralize the rebels, time is 0300. Mission code name is:- Broken Arrow.

Goodluck men.

Recon from intel sat:

There are 2 train tunnels one red one green , the Broken arrow is in Red, beware of the tunnel cross overs and the service tunnel access.

Mist layer to add atmosphere, Tunnels are colour coded GREEN & RED

The map was made for no night vision use so 99% can be played in normal view.

Diesil train engine sounds added. enjoy

Best regards..















Comments Welcome....

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That looks sweet !

Thank you for the comments,

There is a small list of minor tweeks I want to make but I will wait till I have a few more

before updating. I will keep you all updated....



p.s. anyone want to talk map, I'm on most nights on the BDA new Teamspeak server..

IP. [not the I.P.] on there forum front page.

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Well Done Viiper!!!!

Nice sounds and experience. How did you make the fog?


The Mist/fog is the efx_smoke 1x1 or 2x2 in props, switch on planner move and drop it under the map some 80% of the way. place about 20m apart , for example Broken arrow HAS 10 smoke efx placed under the map, [similar to placing trees low to make bushes].


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I know feedback is always appreciated when you

put hours of your time on stuff like this.

(Well I do :) )

So i just pass by to congrats you.

Clean and Neat work.

And very very creative. :thumbsup:

naw just need to find ppl to play this beauty. :(


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Feedback is appreciated and I have to post and say, that I map and talk over ideas with

a crew of mappers over at the BDA teamspeak server [www.beerdrinkingassasins.com].

We all in affect contribute to a map with our comments and ideas and it's only fair to say that the final product is only possible with the support of all the mappers over at BDA... So thank you for the good comments and feedback and thanks to the BDA for the support.

Best Regards


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Thanks Viiiper, it took me many hours of testing to figure out the how to get the smoke and mist to fall right. You can do this be picking a smoke or mist from the brush prop section and placing it under the map.

Simply lower a static down 7-10 taps works well if you wish to have a dust storm effect like the one in Hypoxia and use the industial effects spray A

With the static in place you can set the smoke or mist by spraying it on top of the static. The smallest road square works great. The spread that works well is to form a squar 6 x 6 and place a static in the center of it.




X= Spray - = space

It should look like this. Place it under a large building so that the effect looks more natural.

Their you have it. Stop by the BDA Mapping section with any questions


Edited by Maj3stic
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A few comments on the map : - Broken Arrow,

The map takes in some ideas from the mapping crew at BDA and hopefully uses them to effect.

layout & design:- viiiper

Mist:- comes from Maj3stics smoke under the map idea.

Headlines boards:- AlexSledge for spotting an lovely prop and use.

Spawn tunnel wall entrance:-Tunnel wall at spawn 45 degrees Art nuvo style, Maj3stic.

Diesel train engine noise:- Abrams tank hidden on top, Viiiper

Heart beat sound:- AlexSledge factory sound use.

Mist from Sewer grates:- Viiiper.

Minimap custom graphics:- Photoshop edit, viiiper

None destructable hidden lights:- resessed into tunnel roof, viiiper [z shift +15]

Color coded areas:- tunnels lights green/red/white, viiiper

Street signs:- roadsign_text, viiiper

edit:- viiiper

to name a few....

just incase you ever wondered.

viii :thumbsup:

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