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no CD?

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WOW, i am going to the store now...wel after I put new brakepads on my car...

You too eh? My 318 wants new discs too :wall:

I think the Lincoln (2002 LS V8) could use some rotors and EBC pads (stock ones are WAY too dusty)...

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I am so diverting off my main topic....

What year is your 318? I got some new rotorsi dont need at this time, I need brakepads. I want some new tires too, grrr I hate stock!!

So GRIN how about that [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch??

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Anyway how about this [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch??

Illegal to produce (in most countries) unless you are Ubisoft (or GRIN with Ubisoft's permission). Also against the rules to inquire about outside of a developer-issued patch that removes the CD check.

Careful, folks. It's a longstanding rule here that discussing noCD 'cracks' is treated just like any warez discussion. We do not allow it.

This thread is about a developer patch. Do not take it outside of that realm, please?

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One more point on the subject of CD check that warrants mention is that every game that employs CD checking eventually has it's CD check broken in the form of a NoCD crack as mentioned earlier, even StarForce checked games; and NoCD cracks are widely available and used...

Acknowledging this fact, and acting accordingly offers a far better situation for the Publisher and Developer to take the matter in hand, create good will and set a positive precedent with paying Fans as Epic/Atari have done together for nearly a decade; rather then forcing paying Fans that want to play your game to make choices of questionable legality, or not playing your game because it's too much of a PITA, or is too intrusive and flaky.

Even Activision takes a decent half-way measure with all id Engine games; because the MP iteration of the game is key served there there is no need to have a CD check for that portion of the game so the CD check is only implemented for the SP portion of the game -- which make for a very nice and workable middle ground for everyone.

As yet Ubisoft still seems unwilling to learn from its very costly mistakes; or even the rich and rewarding lessons of other successful Publishers...


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I think if CD/DVD replacement at shipping cost (give or take, under $5US would be reasonable) for those who can provide a valid CD Key (which would then be invalidated somehow), that would be good enough. I'm working in vague terms here. Someone who knows something please help a drowning technophobe out?

My idea is this:

1.) Oh, CRAP! My GRAW disc broke!

2.) "Hello, Ubi? My disc broke for GRAW. Here's the Registration/key/whatever number fom the original store-bought..."

3.) "OK, PayPal, I'd like to send $4.95 US to THIS recipient..."

4.) (5 days or less after) "YAY! My new GRAW disc is here!"

5.) "Would ya look at that? My old disc's registration stuff won't work, but Ubi and GRiN had my back and got me up on my feet again so I could PWN some n00Bz!"

6.) Live happily ever after until disc breaks again (3 weeks down the road)...

Know what I mean?

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The idea of providing an 'Official' post sell through NoCD is not just to allow people to protect their investment and avoid scratching their CDs and DVDs up, it's that CD checks:

· slow the start of games

· may consume/waste additional system resources slowing games down

· do not work on all systems causing games to fail

· awkward to a ridiculous degree on a modern PC that may have dozens of games installed

Offering replacement disks to Consumers that may drop or scratch theirs in an unfortunate and unnecessary shuffle of constant disk swapping is not a solution to any of these (and many other) outstanding issues caused by CD check middleware.


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I must remind the membership here that discussion of warez, cracks, copyright protection defeating tools, etc, is not tolerated here due to the risk of legal liability for both the poster and the site operators.
With that in mind and the fact that my posting about this product at other forums had never violated their TOS, I'll give a go at what I use.

I use GameJackal. It's an app that lets you play game without the CD/DVD in the drive. Works great for the majority of games and AFAIK there really isn't anything illegal about it. I think if I had to dig up the CD every time I wanted to play a different game, I'd lose my marbles - probably end up scratching the things as well. There's two version of GJ, one for $10 and one for $18.

A while ago, when I rebuilt a whole new rig while halfway through HL2, Steam left me with 4 massive CD-sized files that I, most likely, would need to burn to 4 CDs in order to re-install HL2 and not lose my progress. Those files are still sitting there on my hard drive.

Personally, I think digital distribution sucks. Five downloads in total wouldn't nearly be enough for me. Unlimited would be better. And even then I wouldn't trust the company not to screw up my account. And I've heard that on some games you can't even patch the D2D version. :blink:

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