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GR MP Gametype Lexicon

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Okay, I'm new to the GR series. I like GRAW, but need clarification on the MP gametypes.

DM - Deathmatch - No teams; shoot anything that moves

TDM - Team Deathmatch - Shoot the guys on the other team

DOM - Domination - Kinda sorta TDM with a purpose

HH - Hamburger Hill - Hold a zone for a certain period of time

What other gametypes are native to GR? (Please no b!tch!ing about how they're not in GRAW).

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King of the hill...where everyone starts out with an mp5 then the first guy that gets a kill gets a better gun...but his legs are on fire making him real easy to find....played it in the earlier days,,,was fun

you mean Behemoth. very fun gametype indeed, as well as Cat and Mouse, even though they are both not team based.

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