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I've just got back from 4 months in Iraq, and bought this game the other day, patched it up to the latest version......

Man what can I say, this is very disapointing, I have a pretty new PC (last year), and it struggles to run this on low settings, it constantly freezes, it's laggy, it's not what I expected from the Ghosts.....Rainbow 6 last game ran super smooth, this is very dissapointing.

Last thing I want is to search for fixes, I expect for the price id for a game that works, and not crashes, initially it failed to install.....fixed that, updated drivers.....it's still slow....

I doubt this will remain on my H/D for very long...... :(

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Welcome back Argyll sorry about your graw issues, should have asked one of us for some info on it before buying it, we could have saved you the trouble and money................ anyways see you around MP.net and keep an eye out for armed assault.

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