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RSF map release


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i've sent 2 maps, i've built for my clan (RSF), to rocky via PM.

both are non-urban maps. the 1st is a small map for less ppl and the 2nd nice for sniping.

RSF_Railway2Death (DM&TDM)




RSF_BunkerConquest (DM&TDM)




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I haven't had the pleasure to check these maps out yet, however, I did notice that someone gave the map maker's railway map a 2 out of 10. I wish when people give rating that they could provide some form of comment. A 2 out of 10 is an unnaceptable vote if it is not followed by a comment. We are a gaming community so proper feedback will help the map maker. It could have been just the player's opinion, but if the 2 means objects aren't sitting well or other stuff, that would justify the score.

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