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Server Disconnect Issues...

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For a Server not to allow you to Connect but not tell you why is really unhelpful.

Is it bcoz mods dont match, bad conn your side, your patch is older then the Servers, etc.

Need an explanation to be able to pinpoint solution.

At last a decent post with a real point, I totally agree more info is needed on disconnect, and part of the problem is gamespy. We need the ability to have Direct IP & POST for all game connections, DM DOM TDM etc.... and more info. Even on a fresh installed server GRAW players are disconnected on and off through the day, week after week....

lets see better info on reson for disconnect, like server timed out, unable to repond to server request for files check in time allocated, client lost server connection for high ping ....etc.


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We need direct ip badly. Plz GRIN can we have that?


I dont care what I have to do anything that keeps me in the game for more than one single round.

This discconecting issue is unexeptable and there has got to be a way around it.

I want to play so bad but I know in ten minutes time ill get disconnected from server and my kills and points will be null again.

Does any one not have this issue?

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I play on UBI servers and get disconected all the time but i think thats mainly cause of the anti cheat problem cause half to all get the same thing between matches. It probably depends on the servers you frequent...i think some of the servers have the Anti cheat off so you dont get that.

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I've only been disconnected twice since the 1.2 patch. I've had GRAW crash about three or four times though. Not as bad as Oblivion for me (crashing every 2 hours or so). I would think it was my system, but no other games give me a problem.

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