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MODDERS plssss

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iv been using the new custom huds and such as posted in these forums and think they are all great, however im wondering if anyone can give me a modified hud that ONLY changes the following-

-no crosshairs

-no MP chat window on top of screen

-no video display in the top right hand corner of screen

-a blood mod

thats all! i know some of you guys could whip that up in 2 secs, as im a nub i cannot :P so it would be greatly appreciated

i really do like all the huds released so far but they all seem to change OTHER things like making the bolt action sniper into a semi auto etc, id prefer to keep the weapons standard aswell as about 20 other changes to the game that i wasnt really after

thanks very much :)

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This is very easy. You may already have the required files.Tell me what HUD mods you have downloaded and installed (currently running). I can help you select the xml files to keep.

By the way, you can just press "U" to toggle the chat window ON/OFF.


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I sent you a PM on ghostrecon.net. Just send me your email address and I will email your custom HUD, ready for you to use.


"pokemons always prefer cooperation to confrontation"

hehe, Im glad you guys are helping each other!:)

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