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Why wont this work?


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Guys I'm at my wits end here. For two weeks I have been unable to get rid of those unsightly yellow and blue cubes, please can anybody help me?

I am posting my world_0.xml contents so you may see what might be the culprit......

I start with a new map, ghetto, set 1, day, save it and exit.

Then I replace the world_0.xml with the following info, save it and reload the map.


<world name="world" max_id="1" level_name="bunkers">

<player name="first">

<unit name="ghost_player" vehicle_id="none" mod="OnFoot">

<position pos_x="13599.97" pos_y="-4900.0215" pos_z="-498.88498"/>

<rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="0"/>



<sky name="first">

<rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="60.924473"/>

<setup sky_name="mission01"/>


<static name="first">

<unit name="gg_mission_04_landscape" unit_id="1" name_id="none">

<light force_light="false" light_on="false"/>

<position pos_x="-250" pos_y="-250" pos_z="0"/>

<rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="0"/>

<lightmap scale="1"/>







As you can see I only have one item in it. I then export as draft 1 pass.....

In game.yellow and blue cubes

2 pass draft.........yellow and blue cubes

3 pass draft...........etc, etc

2 pass medium same results

I have exported with every combonation and still I get those God awful colors.

One of you fine people must have an answer (I'm hoping) :)

If your curious about the unit that I'm trying to use, it's from the strong point mission (bunkers).

Any ideas at all?????

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Well from my experiences with the editor and making a few maps...those blue and yellow checkered textures usualy if not always means you are using an object that doesnt belong in the level. Its very frusterating cause some of the objects that dont work dont have any kind of initials or anything to signifie that it dont belong. Its just hit and miss.

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where did u get that object from?

its not part of the editor files or objects.

It's from mission 4---strong point--- I took the world.xml from that mission removed everything but the landscape unit, and was trying to build off that. But I cant seem to get rid of the yellow and blue cubes.

Grin_Willie I tried your suggestion, no go. Any other ideas. I can post all my info if you need to look at it or I can pm you.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

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