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Easier way to move the mini map bounding box


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Not sure if anyone else has figured this...

All you need to do is create a zone in the four corners of your map ( dont create a box, just click mouse button to create a line ) once all four are done export without lightmaps and go to your zones.xml file for your map... you should now see your four zones with their grid points which can now be copied to your borders information. Simply save the changes in the text file, restart the editor & remove the 4 zones. :thumbsup:

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even easier way -

open up a level, the forward left direction that your soldier is looking is 'tl' = top left, behind him and to the right is 'br' = bottom right.

instead of placing zones at all 4 corners, just place a zone at the top left extremity of your playing field, and one at the bottom right.

there the only coordinates you will need.

(if anyone is still unsure about where to proceed form here PM me)

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Even Easier,

Just open up your editor, select multiplayer

Now right click in the top right corner menu, so you create a new zone [lets say alpha]

Now zoom out from your map so you can see all of it, and make sure you orientate it so

the player that was there originally is facing up [or away from you].

now left click in the top left corner and drag a large box out to the bottom right corner and let go of the mouse button.

You have created a box named 'alpha' with corner co-ordinates.

save the project and exit the editor.

go to the xml file zones.xml in your work/project_name folder

open it and edit it.

you will see the boarder statement with tl= and br=

tl is the top left and br is the bottom right

copy and paste the corner1 co-ordinated for x,y [first and second numbers] to tl=

and the corner2 co-ordinates into the br= so replacing the original two numbers in each, the third number is the height [ z value] and should always be 5000.

Co-ordinates are always x,y and z, if you imagine an invisible box then your player

Stands at the center with x going away from you as positive, behind you as –x to your left as –y to your right as positive y above your head as positive z and under your feet as –z.


<borders tl="-17300 2300 5000" br="25700 -46000 5000"/>

<zone name="alpha" base="2">

<rect corner1="-17300 2300 0" corner2="25700 -46000 0"/>



Once done delete the whole ‘apha’ listing, now you have your white box to the maps full size.

and ready to do some domination zone definitions..


<borders tl="-17300 2300 5000" br="25700 -46000 5000"/>


The white box [borders] defines the mini-map overview limits


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