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RAM question


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OK .... the time is very near for me to purchase the components for my new PC. Here is what I am pretty sure I am going to buy ...

Chieftec Dragon case (Thanks Stinger)

Windows2000 Pro SP3

360W Power Supply

ASUS P4SDX Deluxe mobo

P4 2.53GHz Northwood w/512 L2 cache CPU

NVIDIA Geforce 4 TI 4200 either 64MB or 128MB (Thanks DarkRanger)

512MB RAM - see question below

I will be using my existing hard drives and optical drives.

I have a question regarding RAM. The mobo supports Dual Channel DDR333 RAM. I was thinking about getting RAM from either Crucial or Corsair XMS in one 512MB stick. I know that I would get more performance if I have two sticks, but the budget will only go so far for now. I will get the second stick within two months.

Can someone tell me more about the Corsair memory with the platinum heat displacer and the pros and cons with using the Corsair XMS memory over the Crucial? :huh:

Thanks in advance. :rocky:


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While Crucial is good ram, it's not in the same class as Corsair XMS. This stuff is cas2 rated and will go well over its rated speed. Mine has been up to 171mhz at max timing while it was designed for 166mhz. It can't be beat.

I wouldn't recommend the platinum version unless that's all you can find. They charge extra money for that silver heat sink. Get the XMS with the standard dark blue heatsink.

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