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Los Bandoleros *BETA*


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Played this a bit this afternoon....nice map well laid out..

Did you have a chance to play it in multiplayer?

I wish they had stock emergency vehicles with animated sirens and lights, ambulance, fire trucks, paramedics etc... this would really distort night vision...

Anyhow how are the divisions of each sector? I kept it simple and probably will change it if needed. I've attached 'F' and 'D'; so now you can cross the middle (that would be the Los Bandoleros kill zone).

Thanks for the comments... I will keep you all posted for any updates.

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did you have to use a perticular type of lighting to make the map a tad brighter, i find that any map i make thats night is a little to dark. even an increase of 10% light would be perfect. did you have the same problems?

Yeah a 10% increase in lighting might do the trick but since I added more lights the ambient light level has changed slightly. I have to agree those street lights are not really designed for the night map... the alley lamp is much brighter... Does anyone know how to tweak the amount of light those street lights emit (without affecting the original maps)?

In most cases everyone will be using their night vision, I see very little effect (as far as distortion, blinding effect, etc.) with most of the stock lighting props.

Adding more lights does help because it changes the ambient light value when you recalculate your light maps... strategically placed of course... you'll see what I mean the next round...


Added to GR.net's Downloads Section. Take a look and let me know if you want any changes! :)

:grin1: Thanks for adding it on...

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