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hello to all the modders and tweakers. i've got a question that perhaps somebody already answered, but would appreciate your explaining this to me...

is there currently a way to introduce fog into a map? this is one thing that really made GR stand out and we absolutely must find a way to play with fog. has GRIN anything to say about it?

next, after playing a lot of MP, i finally decided to give the campaign a crack, set it to hard and was blown away... by the beauty of those SP maps later on in the campaign! the night mission is simply awesome, and naturally i started wondering if it was possible to just open those maps up, slap the spawns on them and they're good to go for MP? same with DM maps, couldn't they be edited to play as domination/TDM? or maybe even scaled... i would love to play teams on Hollow if it was simply supersized about 400%.

so are these impossible tasks? has anyone given it some thought? is it possible to 'unrender' a GRIN-made map?

any help is appreciated!

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