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Sorry if this is a repost, just to tired to look threw here, and lil worried that im doing alot of work for nothing.

Im just rendering draft 1 pass right now, so I can test my map. I just wanted to test the lighting so I renderd on low, on 1 pass, and alot of my map was pitch black, Im not done with my static, or props layers, so I dont want to render on high over 1 pass and wait 5 hours for it to be th same thing. Any way, is there somthin im doing wrong, or can this be fixed with more passes?

Thx guys, sorry for the repost.

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If you only do 1 pass @ draft quality you are going to get alot of "black" spaces. I wouldn't worry though if you do 3 or 4 passes at medium quality you shouldn't have anything to worry about for your final render.

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