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the little things...

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just a list of minor annoyances still present in the game, while they're fresh in my mind...

1. GL/rifle switch doesn't happen unless you stop or change pace and take a step!

2. some grenade explosions don't kill. happened to me as well. i was bathed in fire and survived two direct hits like that. can't figure out why, weird...

3. after leaving a multiplayer game and then clicking Multiplayer in the main menu, the server list has trouble refreshing. seems that you stay logged in to Gamespy after exiting a server. so an automatic re-login to Gamespy afte leaving a game should fix this.

4. peeking with "sticky" option disabled is bugged when changing stance or completing a reload. the character will stand straight up and then go back to the peek, while the key was held down constantly.

5. players that reached max deaths need a consolation prize! gove us at least a stationary overhead cam of the map. shouldn't waste much bandwidth and is better than nothing.

i think that's all i got for now... more to come.

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