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2 Questions on mods from a noob

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Is there a way to adjust the sepia effect like in that realism mod?

I mean, without that whole thing. Just want the stupid stuff gone.

And is there a way to make the guns damage higher? I try to change it but I get no change.

data\units\weapons\(your weapon) change the numbers 1,2, or 3:

<var name="damage" value="2"/> <!-- weapon damage + mods affect this -->

and change

\lib\managers\XML\weapon_data.XML (scroll down to your weapon)



not sure about sepia(but you can definatley do it separately) try post_effects.xml



other topics to check:

* http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35657



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So 1 being lowest and 3 being highest?

Sniper is at 10? So nothing will work past 3 then?

And thank you for the reply and links!

I could be wrong, sorry, i was just comparing it to some other weapons, but im glad i helped you :)

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Lol thats fine. Ill just try that. Wonder why it dont work so far...

O well, ill keep at it.

In the mean time, is there a way to change the frag grenade and the 203 grenade's explosion radius?

Ive tried modding the Frag Grenade under the granade.xml in the units/weapons/

And made it higher but it had no noticeable effect?

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I thought that only changed the stats on the data page, nothing actual?

yeah, i was just trying to help, hmmm... try the physics_settings.xml, located in data\settings\ there is one line there that caught my eye... hope this helps:


<havok parameter="collision_tolerance" value="15" />

<!-- Radius of extra "shell" to add to all collision objects to speed up testing.

higher value -- object's seem to float above the collision

smaller value -- slower

havoks default -- 10


<havok parameter="collision_radius" value="1" />

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