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Hello...I was wondering if anyone could help me. Here is the problem. I haveplayed around quite a bit in the map editor and I think i know what I'm doing a little..

Now with that said. I created a pretty large map and in the editor it looks fine. In the draft mode it looks fine. All is well at this point. Now i do the 6-7 major rendor in medium and it spits out this crap. All my ground is black with execptions of a few areas and i dunno what is going on. I looked about in the world xml file for objects that could of dropped to -5000 and there are none. I cannot see any conflicting areas. I dunno what is going on. I just rendered it in draft and all looked well. Now its black? ######!

If anyone might have any suggestions please offer them. I spent way too much time on this to just drop it and start over.

thanks much


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delete all the files outta your lightmap folder and re-render the map using 5passes on medium. for some reason when i tried it on high on 5passes i got an error that it ran outta memory. a 3.2gig duel processor with 2gig of ddr2 ram. i shud look into that more.

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