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GRAW Ideas


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http://www.alien8.de/Gallery/Mexico/mx01 does snow near the City.


Fighting Knife. Idea for multiplayer, that sniper keep killing you. next time sneak up on him and take him out.

Surefire Millennium Weapon light, not sure about this? would look nice on the night maps to scan areas in shadow

M-3 Tactical Illuminator

ACOG Scope,

PVS-17 weapon sight Night Vision. perfect for the night or low light maps

Pro-tec helmet

Beret with Ghost emblem.


No Mans land:

Vast open area little cover except shell scrapes, and trench layout. sand bag areas for snipers. No mans land between each trench layout. perfect for the various gametypes.


(Mezcala bridge) Burnt out cars, coaches, concreate emplacements, tank traps provide limited cover. Buildings either side of the bridge provide sniper points and areas to provide covering fire.

Mission objective take the bridge and clear surrounding areas.


Huge airbase encirled by a thick forest, Control tower and office building provide areas to scan the entire area, pill boxes at various points around the base to protect key areas.

Mission objective: Destroy various aircraft and helicopters around the base, some in hangers. fuel depot and Ammo magazine.

Rebel Training Camp:

Island Based, (Rocky Cove look) wooden structures provide beach landing, or beach assault. from the beach is a wooded area that surrounds the training camp which consists of wooden buildings, mock buildings for street fighting training, rifle range.

Zula Dawn:

Central fortress based in a desert landscape, large sand hills in the distance provide sniper points. cover to the fortress is provided by small gullies and various small sandhills

Mission objective: get in to the fortress and rescue captured injured Ghost warfighter/s occupied by elite special forces.

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For Coop id like to see a rescue the hostage mission from a prison similar to [GR]. silenced weapons at first. but if you raise the alarm re -enfocements arrive and hell breaks loose.

The new DLC co-op missions are great, maybe the new improved AI is the most noticeable change, along with great MAP detail and size!

If I had one issue with the co-op side of GRAW it would be that all the objectives are the same/similar.........Kill the leader, destroy the weapon shipments, recover the Intel and frag a few trucks! This is all fun and understandable; however, surely we can think of some more interesting objectives...maybe even some objectives that require two players at least for a successful mission complete?

Hostage rescue sounds cool!

What happened to demo charges?

Redstorm has done a fantastic job so far but as we all know, the GR public will always demand more....and that is why the GR series is the best......!!!!!!

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I agree. Coop needs far more interesting objectives, like prison rescue, or escorting a convoy through some jungle.

More vareity in enemy oppostion. such as the use of helicopters for attacking and dropping off renforcements. Maybe some more dynamic missions. I.e if you blow up a bridge then more re-enforcements cant arrive however you wont be then able to complete a seconday mission. Give us hard choices to make.

Also the inclusion of civilians would give earlier missions like old town and treasury abit of a twist and change the tempo completely

Im just brainstorming here :wacko:

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