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Some servers have it so you start out with just a pistol (UBI servers I believe)until you earn points.

Then there are times on some servers where you get killed and are stuck with just a pistol because of lack of points and the default weapon is no longer the M8.

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I jump into a game already in progress.

I have four deaths even before I begin and I have a pistol and everyone else is using rifles!

Could you imagine in real life if we told our soldiers to capture that sector on the map with only pistols and if they are successful we will then reward them with rifles????

And why cant when someone leaves the game, thier name stays on the team list, and if they return they start with whatever deaths they already had?

So new players entering the game can start with zero deaths!!

And why do we seem to have a 150 meter sight limitation, when we have a sniper rifle designed for 2000+ meters???

This is common sense guys!!!!!

Wake up GRIN.

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