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How do i play custom maps


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ok i have downloaded maps, i have launched graw and no maps, i have used the bundle extractor and still nothing, i have searched high and low and under everything in here to try find out how to make them load but nothing...lol

can sumone plz help me, i need to know how to load them on my pc so others can come and play them and if they are just in the mp list to play on other servers.. thx

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place the .bundle file in the "custom_levels" folder

thx for fast reply BooM, i knew to put maps there, i can get the deathmatch now and the maps are there, but if i create server or try join 1 i keep gettin this error no matter wot map i try

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16

data\lib\managers\menunetworkmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_text in type <void>






data\levels\custom_levels\sniper city\sniper city.dsf(0)

ne idea as how to fix this plz...

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