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Custom map crashes on 2nd round


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Built a map and hosted it and tried it out with a few friends. Went through 20 minutes of playing without any problems. The next round started and my game crashes to desktop as soon as I spawn. We put it on a fellow clanmates "dedicated server" he has at his house and the next round worked fine. Not sure if it is my computer or the map.

Running Windows XP SP2, 2GB PC5300 DRAM, Nvidia 7800GT 256MB, Intel P4 3.4 650, 8MB/756KB (down/up) internet connection.

I've hosted games with the stock maps in the past fine. But it runs fine on a home dedicated server. So that is why I'm not sure it is the map or my comp.

Any help thx.

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I had the same exact problem as Athenian which always gave me a "Graw.exe error to close" upon startup of the 2nd round as soon as I moved the mouse. So I had a weird feeling it was one of the Static or Dynamic objects that may have been overlapping or just needed adjustment. I replaced the gasstation's with buildings and decreased the size around my Garage map a little bit by deleting a few more buildings and that solved the problem. I hope this helps you guys.

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