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UPDATE - Showdown


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Showdown (underconstruction)

As my earlier post I was making a level for GRAW. This shall become a COOP level when we can make COOP levels but for now it will probably wait for TDM since the map is quite big you would need quite alot of players (downside of bigmaps).

Anyway here are some screenshots. (I still can't seem to add those attachments :P but oh well links for now then :D)

Screenshots are all 1600x1200, since it is the resolution I play in.

Screenshot 01

Screenshot 02

Screenshot 03

Screenshot 04

Screenshot 05

Screenshot 06

Screenshot 07

Screenshot 08

Screenshot 09

Screenshot 10

Screenshot 11

Anyway give me some feedback on how it looks and what you think should be changed. I am still working on doing details and all and trying to remove as many bugs as possible.

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I like it, It actually looks pretty professional in my opinion. I like the ground static so much better than others. Is this historical set? I should have used that one.

Yup it's historical...but don't forget it took me quite long to get it there and everytime I wanted to finish the map I added buildings to the edges but they all had walkway to the abyss of the map again...so it became bigger and bigger XD

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