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Things/objects that fall into the abyss...


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I was editing the sewers and had to remove static ground unit, there happened to be a dynamic unit and some props sitting on it. Once removed and did some editing the objects naturally fell into the Map Editors abyss...

A) What happens to these objects? Are they removed from your world.XML file? Or do they reset back to their original position?

B) Some instances objects can fall ontop of other static objects, in my case a lower level which are sewers. What happens to them when you export the file? Are these object still included with lightmap calculation?

C) What happens to props that are floating in mid space below the playing area (ie. sewer area)? Do they cause errors when exporting?


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I also had this happen with a taxi_fugit and cafe_chair luckily i was able to catch the taxi before it fell out of site but the chair wasnt so fortunet. I never could find which chair it was in the world file so I dont know if it was deleted or just still there. Another wierd things Ive had happen is have two tables switch place. One was rotated to lean against the wall and another was upright and the next time I loaded the map they tables were in place of the other one. Very wierd, might be a problem with reading the world.xml file?

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So I didn't do this before but I just checked and there are some items I guess you can call it the bottom. The question is how do you pick them up and delete them in the editor or do you just simply delete them in the world.xml file?

Will this update my unit list automatically? or should I just delete all associated objects and start from scratch with the props.

I noticed an axe, where that came from I'm not sure...

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