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Hey Everyone,

I just went out tonight and bought GRAW it looks like it will be a great game EXCEPT for a few issues such as when I hit the F key it pulls up my weapons but when I move the mouse track ball nothing happens, (In other words I am unable to change weapons) also

I have a 6600 GEFORCE NVIDA and the game runs really bad. I mean I have 256mb card and it is slow. DOOM 2 and Half Life 2 ran great.

Is this a patch issue. I am dissapointed so far

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Scrolling up and down the weapon list and crosscom list can be done via the keyboard as well. I'm not sure why you're mouse wheel is not working. As a suggested work around might I suggest mapping your hud_up, and hud_down game controls to keyboard keys instead. In order to have this ability to must be running at least GRAW patch 1.10.

As for your video card, I also have a GeForce 6600GT 128mb GDDR3 AGP card and GRAW runs horrible for me. It's only playable at 800x600 with everything turned off or on low, and even then it gets to lagged after a while. My pc specs are below.

AMD Athlon XP 3000

1.5 GB Memory

GeForce 6600GT 128mb GDDR3 AGP Video Card

X-Fi XtremeMusic Sound Card

My cousins PC runs GRAW at 1600x1200 with everything jacked, textures on medium. Frames are silky smooth (at least for me they are) with no noticable slow down, even during times when there is a ton going on. His system specs are below.

AMD Athlon 64 3500

2 GB Memory

GeForce 7900GT 256mb GDDR3 PCIe Video Card

Audigy 2 Sound Card

I did try upgrading my video card to the BFG GeForce 7900GT 256meg GDDR3 AGP card for a short while, and while the improvement was substantial, I was only comfortably running the game at 1024x768 with medium settings. This was not enough of a boost to justify holding on to a $350 video card. I'll be saving my money to upgrade my entire system instead.

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GeForce 6600GT users needs to unite....... :lol:

running HL2:Episode One on High and enjoying it.

I'm stuck on 800x600 everything else at dirt low settings. My spec

MSI 6600 128 GT


Athlon 64 3800

A8N SLI dex.

on-board sound

2.1 speakers Logitech

@longshankslives I've read some ppl are having moue issues. Some ppl have solved it by changing mouse (trial and error)

@Low Profile I'm holding off on upgrade until Crysis comes and see what spec are recommended for that game. GRAW so far is stuck with what I got, not the other way around.

Besides, there's Centcom to fall back to. :thumbsup:

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I'm running a normal Geforce 6600 256 MB and no problems at all, though I had to upgrade my system memory from 1 gig ddr to 2 (only because I'm to lazy to tweak XP and background progs)

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