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Is GRIN / UBI aware of this problem?

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They probably are, it was posted here also some time ago... Bit of a mistake though in what they said about port 6667... Port 6667 is the default port for IRC clients to connect to servers with. Most trojans use

IRC to receive commands from the trojan creator. Being a systems admin, I've done quite a bit of research into how trojans work.

Here's what I've come up with in really short:

A trojan is a piece of software that turns any computer into a server

able to provide the creator with whatever the creator is after. IE: computer control, files, product-codes, passwords, sending spam etc etc.

Now the reason I expect that using an IRC interface is so desirable

for the creators of trojans is that all the functionality of sending and

receiving commands and files is already built-in in IRC components

which makes it easier for them to write a trojan (no reinventing the wheel and all that).

In short, IRC is not to blame, IRC is great, the problem is the programmers of the trojans using IRC for plainly wrong stuff.

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Consider asking your school IT firewall folks to consider port triggering on port 6667, instead of port forwarding.

This would prevent intrusion on said port unless the connection was established from behind the firewall, i.e. you connecting to the GameSpy server.

You would still be unable to host a game outside of your LAN, as nobody outside could connect to you until you established a connection to them first, but it should (in theory) allow anyone behind a super-restrictive firewall to get around the port 6667 paranoia so many IT departments seem to hold on to.

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