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How much would you pay if Red Storm made a Ghost recon like game

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I do not believe Ubi will allow RSE to make a PC game ever again.



Edit: Id put an 100$ anytime!!!

*STILL have a big respect for RSE.

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It's hard to put a price on something that would be as good or better than the [GR] as I sure did get more than my moneys worth with [GR]. :D At $100 I wouldn't even think twice about it but as WK77 stated UBI would never let that happen. If it were entirely up to RSE who knows. :hmm:

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pretty much all of it.

FPS on consols just arent compairable to PC for me.

I bought GR2 and xbox just to try it and learn the game before PC came out. But I got screwed. Sold the xbox and game. Ubi wont get my money untill they deliver the game we all have been waiting for.

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Why does Console make it bad. Controls? Grapphics? modability?

I'd be all over consoles for FPS if they allowed me to use a damn mouse. Mouse to TWO joysticks just isn't a good feeling at all! That is why I MAY get a Wii, with its new aiming system its surpasses the mouse, but the thing about the Wii is that it only has one or 2 interesting fps titles ._.

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