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Editing existing Maps possible heres how.


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Ive figured out a way to edit existing maps in the game the actual process isnt that hard. So far I've successfully loaded dm02 and mission06 inside the editor. The funny thing is the crosscom popped up while in the editor :rofl: and they guy was giving some sort of mission directive. mission06 loaded but it was pretty choppy due to how big it was. But anyway here is how you can do the same thing.

1. First thing is open up quick.bundle or patch.bundle depending on if you want original maps or the new dm maps. Go to the levels folder find the folder for the map you want and extract it.

2. In your custom_levels folder Make a work folder if there isnt one already, if you have made a map there should be one.

3. make a folder with anyname you want, I reccommend the same name as the folder you extracted, and in this folder make a folder named "xml".

4. In the folder you extracted find the xml folder and then find "ambient_cubes.bin" and "massunit.bin" and copy these over to the xml folder you just created.

5. Copy the "world.xml" file over to the "mission06" folder, Im just using this as an example since it was one I did. After ward rename the file to "world_0.xml" this is important.

6. Now you just need 2 more files and these should be premade for you if you have already made a map. The would be in your previous maps folder. "zones.xml" and "description.xml" copy and paste these into the "mission06" folder of your map. Afterward go inside the description.xml file and change the name to "mission06" or whatever you prefer I recommend keeping it the same as your folder names. You can make the mode deathmatch or domination i dont think it matters. If you havn't made a map before goto 7. If you have skip it and load the map in your editor!

7. Make a new text file in your "mission06" folder and inside place this :


<borders tl="-10000 10000 5000" br="10000 -10000 5000"/>


then save the folder as "zones.xml" without the parenthesis. Then make another text file in the same location and inside paste this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<menu name="mission06" mode="Deathmatch" />


<set value="city"/>

<set_graffiti value="0"/>

<backdrop_cube value="atlas_mission_spec_editor/backdrop_cube_d"/>

<cube value="atlas_mission_specific/mission01_specific/cube"/>



<export_name value="mission06"/>

<gametype value="Deathmatch"/>

<lightmaps value="false"/>

<lightmap_resolution value="medium"/>

<lightmap_num_passes value="3"/>



save the file as "description.xml" again without the parenthesis. Oh yeah and change the "mission06" that you see twice in the file to whatever map your doing"

That its your done, it takes all of a couple of minutes and you can edit any existing map in the game. I havnt really tested any map but I dont see why it shouldnt work.

Caution: I would caution all who use this to only use it as a learning tool. I dont think its a good idea to edit exisiting maps or add on to them and then release them to the community. Use this how you like but I dont think its right to release these maps and claim credit for them .

edit: here are some shots oh yeah and I forgot to mention that it takes a good couple of minutes to load the map in the editor at least the missions.





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i figgered a much easier way to do it afew days ago.

1) simply create a blank map and save it.

2) open the world.XML file of the map you wish to copy. you must unbundle the files in the bundle folder.

3) in the XML info of the world.xml file copy all the data from <cover name="first"> right to the bottom.

4)open the world_0.xml file of your blank map, and from <cover name="first"> delete all the info after that and copy all the info from your disired map into this file.

when you boot up the editor you will be able to load my_level and instead of it being blank it will have the map you copied.

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lol at you guys. you rock!

Yes i agree this is amazing.. Wille, are we going to have a hard time converting our existing TDM's to the "actual" TDM that you guys will be releasing?

one more question... with matching and everything on the way, what are the chances of spectator mode?

BTW, you guys rock! keep up the good work GRIN

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