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Downtown release DM and TDM available


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The map is finished to my liking it actually turned out to be a pretty big map. Both DM and TDM versions are available and Ill probably make a DOM mode in the future.

Known Issues: The tactical map for this doesnt actually seem to work so I appologize but I dont really know how to fix it.

To Download: Click the link wait a few seconds click the free download, wait more seconds then click the http download. Im sorry for the hassle to download this hopefully I can get some mirrors. I have them on filefront now with seems to be better so i reccomend you use that.

To install: Put the .bundle file in your custom_levels folder.







Here are some screenshots.











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Looks nice, screenshot 2 definetly resembles embassy.

Thanks, hopefully I can actually play the damn map. With all the time making it ive never actualy played it online with other people, so hopefully someone will host it on their server cause i think that would be fun.

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Nice work bro. I went through the map and saw lots of design ideas that you used so kudos. Only testing problems I saw (and you may have seen them as well) are behind the "bank" area on the road there are some very small black areas on the road crossing. Also behind the "embassy" there is floating grass by the fence. Other than that - the map is a joy and I am sure people will love to play it.

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It seems sometimes to hang at the end of the game and not end correctly anyone know why this could be happening?

great job on the map.

is there away you can fix the alpha spawn its off the radar . keep up the good work il host any tdm maps you make. www.teamaod.net

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