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Today i started work on a map that takes place in the forest/woods. I think its going ok, but im just gonna be a little worried about what fps people will be getting with it. Anyway here are some screenshots






Let me know what you think :P

Also i shall be making some camo skins for this map, if only there was a way to add custom objects to this game <_<

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just some update on screenshots here:



http://img232.imageshack.us/my.php?image=086yu1.jpg (this one the player is behind the bush, you can prolly see his orange uniform if you look hard enuf, its next to the green player cursor)


Its still got a bit of a way to go before its complete. But hopefully I can release a beta this week, and add a few touch ups.

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looks nice, but

add some undergrowth

ad somm length difference between the trees

trees in forest grow thinner than urban trees, it looks like you copied them directly out of GRAW (which makes sence to me but is not naurally)

Go for it, and the forrester will come by to cut down some trees

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thanks for your support

I will add different lengths to trees, didnt think of that instead of adding different trees.

If you mean undergrowth like grass, then i will have to wait and see, cause i assume that there might be some bad fps already.

Thanks for suggestions, i will continue working on the map after the football :thumbsup:

Maybe ill be able to get the first beta tonight or 2morrow.



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Ok, I finished my first attempt at it, added the spawn dummies and domination zones. But i extracted the map and tried to run it, but it will just crash to desktop after i click start in base A, wait 5 seconds to spawn then it will just go to desktop. Any ideas? maybe there is some sort of debug option?


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Hmm. You have a crashlog.txt in you graw folder with some debug info. The latest crash should contain it. Otherwise I can only recommend you to try try it again. If thsi was you first map, try to create a minimal one and see if you can spawn in that one to see if its an error in the workflow.

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