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Physx...Can I dump it?

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Just uninstall it in your programs area. Don't just delete the folder. I found that my game ran much smoother without the Aegis drivers installed.

Thats interesting feedback....how muchsmoother,,,,minor/moderate or a lot of difference ?

I found it runs much smoother without the drivers, and since I do not have an Aegis card (and not planning on wasting $$$ on one), then I find having the drivers installed very redundant.

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This is my second install since the update and I believe I had it uninstalled on the first go round. Had a crapload of freeze ups and crashes. Things are running smoothly right now. Don't know if it's because of the update or Physx. Thus my question.

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I would like to see a GRIN employee coment on this.

Here are the questions specifically:

1) What are the gains of Physx for those of us who do NOT have an Ageia card?

2) What are the losses we will experience if we uninstlal the Physx drivers if we do NOT have an Ageia card.

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I just deleted mine and while I don't have a clue what my FPS was before or after it runs just fine. I'm hoping it also solves the mission crash that I'm having in Ready for bear.

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