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GRAW HUMOR via UBI forums

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Is the Ubi Forum and the GR community rivals or something?

Not really, if you want to kiss GRiN's ass ...you come here, if you want to have a dig or gripe or make general nuisance of yourself ...you goto Ubi.

I tend to use both forums. :grin1:

We mod more as well.... :g_withgrin::g_guns:

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the Editor CAN be used with mind control.how the hell did he know that? you need a special USB watchamacallit to use it tho.

Serious question, though; Are the GRAW pens you guys got really that breakable?

and you shall recieve are a serious answer.

yes they are horrible! If you touch them they basicly just vaporize.they are the worst pens I have ever laid my hands on. I had like 30 in the beginning and now I dont have any left...

wait, wait, wait, ok, I have one, I wanna join in.

How many swedish game developers does it take to make a sequel to a computer game?

34! one to actually make the game and 33 to hype it on the net.

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In the light of humour

Next patch release:

Will be under the change of title from GRAW to GROAN (Ghost Recon: Overrated Annoying Nuisance) & will change the game from a PC media to an Xbox version for stability.

User interface will convert your keyboard & mouse into a joypad, however you will need to grow an extra set of arms to be able to use all of the buttons.

A fully finctional Map editor will be enclosed. Opening the Map editor will turn off your TV, previously your monitor. This is a normal procedure & expected to operate in this way to avoid anyone trying to bodge what we already bodged.

The SDK will be realeased in the next patch. Once you understand how it works can you let us know.

New jungle maps are included & due to the Ati transparency issues you wont be able to see anyone else on the map.

The "taking a hit" has been dramatically increased. Now your speakers will have a dull fizzing sound as you have just blown the "cones"! Temporary nausea, dizziness plus the bleeding from the ears is all a part of the realism.

Theres more we could have added, but we thought that we would leave that for the modding community to come up with, such as..."creating the game, in a stable working fashion".

Patch v1,023.3 due out tomorrow. Note:- we will be realeasing a patch fix for, the day after as ther is a known bug. We dont know what it is yet but we hope that you will tell us about it.

Note: from Ubi Sales & Marketting.

Thank you dear customer for recently purchasing your copy of GR:AW. Unfortunately we cannot refund your monies due to the incompletness of your purchased product. Whilst we understand that you were fully expecting a COMPLETE STABLE working platform (that conformed to the minimum operating specs), your funds allow you direct access to the programming team so that we are all taking about developping the game together from an even level.

I would like to take this opportunity to "shaft you" once more & ask could you kindly join the online community & assist us with your concepts & testing patches, so that we can make a game that we can sell right first time.

Yours Sincerely

Ubi Sales & Marketting

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