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How do I install woodland camo in the NMM Weapons


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I seem to have the same prob,but I think this may be a fix of sorts.

Have a look at the atr file for the Delta guys,they point to the desert pattern,what you need to do is change that to the woodland pattern!.

If you look at Astra Galinskys file, you'll see that the base fig is Delta1.chr,and its also the same for the desert LOD,well you need to change the Ist one to Delta1_w.chr,now again I'm not sure this'll work as the models are supposed to be named(eg Delta1.chr,Delta1_desert.chr,and Delta1_cuba.chr)for them to show up in the game properly,I think this was done post patch 1.4

I used Mikes skinner to rename them,and they work for me now!

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