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Finally got around to making this now that I finally managed to capture the query packets sent by GRAW. It is fairly difficult to do when you don't even own a copy of the game. :D

Anyway, this is a command prompt utility for querying GRAW servers, it works the same way GRAW and XFire does. The readme explains how to use it and what not, but it is pretty simple. Just copy it somewhere, then open a command prompt, and type:


Where is obviously the server's IP address. This is a beta version so I'm still testing it, but it works for the most part. Please submit any bugs or suggestions here.

Right now it spits out every variable the server responds with. For some reason it responds with copies of a few variables, I'm guessing one of the patches that was out added something to the response and they wanted to keep backwards compatibility or something.


There's a link, although it would probably be better for this to be in the downloads section here.

Maybe if I'm bored sometime I'll get around to making a GUI or XML export options. :)

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