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Thought I'd try that out instead of going to the store to buy the game.

Don't do it. It SUCKS. If a patch comes out, you can't use the standard patch. You have to use a special Direct2Drive patch...and they don't come out the same day as the normal patch. Infact, it could be a long time before a patch shows up.


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Um, except that the D2D patches for GRAW have been released at the exact same time as the retail patches. Oh, and the latest patch, 1.16, works for both D2D and retail, with no need to download different versions.

A little fact checking goes a long way, you know?

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Can I get a bit more info for this? What happend if I delete the game for my hard-drive? Do I have to re-purchase it? and is this No need for D2D special patch a feature for GRAW only?

You have a set number of times you can download it...I think. However, I had to do a re-install after the first patch crapped our game saves, and it worked fine. I didn't have to download it again because I already had it backed up on a DVD.

That is what I would suggest, if you have a DVD burner, that is. :)

However, as was already stated, I have had ZERO issues with getting the patches through UBI and all have worked and come out the same time as the retail version. I have bought a couple other games from D2D before this one, and also had no problems with them.

EDIT: Quotes from their FAQ:

Why do I need a login?

You will want your own unique account. This account is secure and is yours alone. Each time you visit Direct2Drive, you will use your unique account to track purchases and see what's new!

What if I forgot my login?

Your login is based on your email address and the password you chose when you created your account. If you have forgotten your password simply visit the login page and click the link "I forgot my password". If you still need help, Customer Support is ready to help by clicking on the Request Support tab and submitting a ticket!

What does a Direct2Drive account require?

A Direct2Drive account requires a valid email address and that you have cookies enbaled on your web browser. It uses cookies to remember your login. For more information or for troubleshooting use of cookies, please visit http://www.fileplanet.com/help/login.shtml

How can I save my download to cdrom?

Once you have downloaded the file you are welcome to save it for later on a cdrom. Save yourself time downloading again. Remember, each time you install and activate the game you are deactivating the previous license. Install wisely!

I want to put my game on 2 more computers at my house, can I do that?

No. The games are for one person, not multiple. While we appreciate you own many computers, we are sure you don't play on more than one at a time. The game is not to be shared on a private network or otherwise.

How many times can I install the game I bought?

As many times as you like. As stated above, remember your game is for you alone. Each time you install it you deactivate any previous licenses or keys

Where do I get patches for the game I bought from Direct2Drive?

You must use patches we provide for Direct2Drive games. Outside files cannot be used to patch Direct2Drive games. THIS IS WRONG, AT LEAST IN THE CASE OF GR:AW

Is my game compatible to any expansion packs I buy at the store?

No. Direct2Drive games are not compatible to expansion packs purchased at retails stores on cdrom. Only expansion packs offered by Direct2Drive are compatible to Direct2Drive games.

I need help with the game, where do it get that?

Your game comes with a Readme or manual that contains the link to game support. Or it may be listed in your Start Menu with the game title. Direct2Drive is unable to provide End User support to running the game itself.

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