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Vietcong released.

Sgt. Slaughter

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for some reason there are only a few games based on the vietnam-war...

i've played the vietcong MPdemo and i liked it... but i guess u probably did also... i can't give u any more details about the full game....

but also in the same period the vietcong-demo was released a friend of mine gave me the full game ; Vietnam - Line of Sight...

IMHO this game is awesome !!! i know u can't compare a demo with a full game but i couldn't read this topic without mentioning there is another great vietnamwar game available at the moment...

u can find a demo here...

hope i don't make it more difficult for you, Sgt ;)

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FELLING this is the word that characterizes this game forget about any Tom Clany game this game beats them all toghether.

In the graphics side it`s not so great but for the very large list of superb features it dosn`t need to.

Oh and i forgot about the iron sights aiming posibility and that you are the leader of a Specail Forces Squad of the 5th SFG the same as the Ghost`s

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