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Your favourite heroes in my new mod


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I'm working a mod right now....so far it has no name, but it it will have all of your favourite "heros": Rambo, James Bond, John Mullins, Terminator....

So far I can't think of any more....I want 12 and some femles too. Maybe Cate Archer from NOFL. I was thinking of including the A-Team, but I have already done 2 GR mods featuring the A-Team.

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How about:

Kitana :Mortal Kombat

Padme Amidala :Episode 2: Attack of the clones (that white combat looking outfit)

Boba Fett :Star Wars

Ding Chavez :Rainbow Six

The CIA Sniper :My Fellow Americans. :):lol:

Me! :GhostRecon.net... :P

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John Mason from The Rock(played by Sean Connery)

The man from Soldier (played by Kurt Russel)

Lara Croft (I'm sorry the only woman I can think of right now that sort of fits the bill)

Cruise's character in Mission Impossible II (the falling from the heli scene)

Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity

John Clark from Vietnam

GI Jane (Demi Moore)

That woman from Starship Troopers

Colonel Sanders

General Failure

Major Problems

Private Parts

Corporal Punishment

Seargeant Snork

That should be more than enough possibilities :lol:


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- .:Nightmare:.,Jan 12 2003, 20:37 PM]Maybe Cate Archer from NOFL.

Oh yes please - a lady to die for that one :o=

Yes and Lara too.

Of course you do realize it won't take someone too long to do a nude patch :hehe:

Who can hit Tasmania from a hundred paces? :P (probably have to be an Aussie to get that one, sorry)

Jack :devil:

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You want tough female? How about Lt. Ellen Ripley from Aliens...(Sigourny Weaver)...that gives you a chance to put in pulse rifle into your mod..I'll be happy to make it for you :rocky:

@Streinger, That is a good idea. I will consider that. Ripley's goin in the mod. Get into contact with me about the Pulse rifle if you still wanna make it for me.

Also guys, I have some screenies somewhere of work so far....James Bond and Mullins are finished....

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blah blah, Jessica Alba bla blah blah

IS ALL I HEARD!!! having dark angel in it would rock, but i think it would be kool to put a MATRIX character in, even better if u could get a matrix moves mod like someone made FOR UNREAL TOURNAMENT, im usualy not fan of mods that stray from the main theme of GR but i'll be honest sometime i wish i could pull a max pain move every once in a while!

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The other side of the medal of Elias : Barns

Colonel Trotman

Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, Blain, Mac, Dillon, Billy, Joe, Poncho, Hawkins

(I was thinking to build this team but no time and I gave up). All their weapons have already made...... easy

Hicks, Apone, Vasquez ......


Arnold schwarzenegger

Max (Mel Gibson)

Deckard (Blade Runner)

Punisher (Marvel)


Sgt Rock

Arnold schwarzenegger

Russel Crowe + David Caruso (in the moie with Meg Ryan, I don't have an idea of the title in english)

John Mc Clane

Jack Burton

Arnold schwarzenegger

Dunan (Apple Seed)

Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Batu (Ghost in the Shell)

Starship Troopers soldiers

Arnold schwarzenegger

Small Soldiers ....


Pitbull, Cowboy and all the other ones from Full Metal Jacket...... mickey mouse


Ho...and I forgot : Arnold schwarrzenegger.. I love his sexy body ..... You notice that ?


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