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Ok, there's been alot of discussion about enterable buildings. I was thinking for this to be a feasible feature in GRAW, there has to be door animations whether linear or what ever.

I know there ARE door animations as when one blows up the various cars/vans, you see the doors swing open. so doors are possible, but how to incorporate them into fan based maps?

I ask and challenge Grin to release plugins for 3dsmax and put door creation "how to's" into the guide to allow for users to make buildings with working doors.

I would be doubly happy to learn this so we can add multi-level buildings with windows to shoot from.

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Good call on the car doors, but the problem I see with doors opening, is there is no use key in graw. Every thing is all proximity based. You mite get this to work tho, but you have to shoot the doors open. If you cant get this to work just put a fence for a door and blow it up to open it. Just a thought.

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Actually, there is a use key. Default x, I believe. Used to get in/out of vehicles, set c4, etc.

Yes, why couldn't you use the "X" key? Maybe GRIN can give us a little something to use the mouse wheel as well.


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