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ACU Mod almost ready.

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Actually I was referring to an 82nd ABN patch to go along with your SF, 101AM versions...just throwing to see what sticks.

Ahhh...yeah, the SF is here to stay - although if people had requests, I would be happy to oblige.

I have patches for the 101st ABN, 82nd ABN, 10th Mt SF, and a few others...I was trying to see which fit the best.

PS: here are what I'm calling the final versions. One is the darker ACU style, one is the lighter. I'm thinking I like the darker one better.


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Ok, thats it then. Uniform is done, although I would like to do just a couple more tweeks before release.

Lancer (151 Armory) is doing ACU weapons from the pattern that I used. I have all black ones ready. Release will be with probably give the option of black weaps or ACU.

Expect pictures to come soon from Lancer's work.

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And here is the ACU final...finally! Sorry, I know people have been waiting too long, but its not bad considering I'm doing this in between earning a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biochemistry...AND spending time with my girl :)

Pffffeww, now I just need to package the files and e-mail it over to the Rock.


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