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ACU Mod almost ready.

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That skin is turning out nicely done. Two sugestions if I might add:


Make the ACU gear in darker colors.


Release the ACU cammo'ed weapons in another mod, I'm looking forward to have the ACU uniform, but having my weapons full black.

I was planning on releasing two versions. One with black weapons and one with ACU. Personally, I like the black better, but the ACU is "cooler"

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Sorry guys, I was out with the girl last night and today we're taking out my dad for fathers day...

I had a chance to do some more touching up. I fixed the brown goggles issue, although in retrospect, it is kind of cool looking.

I also did some detailing on the uniform.

The ACU weapons are annoying to me, so I'll be using black for my personal gaming experience but since they're done already, I'll probably release them as well.

stay tuned for details.

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I'd also love to test your mod and if my eyes are still good enough, I see we both had the same idea when it comes to the goggles! :)

Of course you can. :)

I'm continuing to revise the skin and i'll probably need another day or two to get all the files together, package it and send it out.

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Ah hell, if you still need a tester I will do it, but the next possible time to test is Tuesday so if that is too late, sorry bud.

alright, I'll try to have it complete by then.

For anybody keeping an eye on the progress, here is the newest skin revision. The helmet needs some work. The goggles have only a slight tint to them now.


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The first post I made has screen shots with better lighting.

And its a little annoying because it seems like the colors change with every different map I'm on.

I have screenshots from the "VIP 2" mission and the skin has a brown hue to it. In others, its more green.

For whatever reason, the "Ready for Bear" mission has the best lighting to take pictures with.

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i like the way the skin reacts to the lighting on the screenshots

i think your skin does do well if you look at the shadow and sun lit areas in your screenshots :D

good job this skin :D

thanks :)

And here is a comparison in skin color between VIP2 and Ready for Bear


The lighting in every mission is different so with every mission, my skin looks different as well. As I said, I like the Ready for Bear mission's lighting the best.

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Awesome man. When can I download that bad boy?

Ever think about doing regular Joes in ACU? I know the Embasy guys are supposed to be Marines, but Marines don't hang out in Strykers or UH-60s.

Sorry, real life takes over sometimes.

This is true about the Marines...hmmm

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Ill get some acu pants when I get a chance next time at a gunshop or military surplus store...

Ill share the photos of it and try to make a nice recreation of the pattern off it.

I wonder thoe... if acu or the old woodland would help break up my silhouette when I go cast net fishing. I might have to try this one out. See if I can notice any diffrences....

Red fish seem to really spot you before you spot them.

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Thankyou very much! This pattern has proven frustrating to recreate.

Any chance I can get a close up that shows off the colors in the uniform really well?

Cause I don't understand this: Compare these pictures



WHY does it seem like these are two different colored uniforms, yet both are ACU????

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