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GDC XIV: Marathon Format


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Ronin is never here on the weekends.....I think he has a lady friend :whistle:

No dude ... I was actually online over the weekend. I was planning to switch things up but then google distracted me on a drunkin bet I had made the night before on whether penguins had feathers or fur. I lost. Don't ask. :(

And with that said ...

This first GDC marathon is officially over!! :grin1:

Wow ... some very clever and eye catching entries. Remember, the average of scores will determine the winner.

I am contemplating whether to start the next GDC while judging is going on. My concern is that might steal the thunder of the prior GDC ... what say you GDCer?

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This ought to be interesting ...

Theme #7 Spy vs. Spy

buahahha a buddy of mine made a good logo for a guy whos record company is using a logo with this theme.

Im gunna touch it up soon for him in PS so it can be printed at any scale.

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