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GRAW Skin Templates

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Ok, sorry to be a pain,

Ive been skinning games for awhile now...

But never with this much Lighting ect.

I cannot for the life of me get rid or the "GladWrap" Look....

Can someone please explain in detail how to achieve a non plastic skin??

My skins so far:



damo@grosewold.com is my email.


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This is from another post on this forum

Step 1: Download my handy uniform templates HERE.

Step 2: Create your own camo.

Step 2.1: First create a new document 300 X 300.

Step 2.2: Fill the base layer with whatever base color you wish your camo to be.

Step 2.3: Create a new layer.

Step 2.4: On this new layer, go to Filters>Render>Difference Clouds (make shure your colors are set to black and white). Keep doing this untill you get a pattern that looks vaugely camo-ish.

Step 2.5: Go to Image>Adjustment>Brightnes/Contrast. Throw the contrast to full. You should see a patern of black and white splotches.

Step 2.6: Select which ever color makes the niftier pattern using the magic wand tool.

Step 2.7: Fill that selection withthe second color of your camo.

Step 2.8: Go to Select>Inverse. Hit delete.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 untill allyour colors are in your camo. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect. Optionaly, play around with the blending modes on your different layers to try new effects.

Step 4: Go to Layers>Flatten Image.

Step 5: Go to Filters>Pattern maker. Set Hight and Width to 300, Smoothness to 3, and Sample Detail to 10. Generate untill you see a patern you like. Hit OK.

Step 6: Go to Edit>Define Pattern and save your new camo.

Step 7: Load up the uniform templates and use the pattern stamp tool to paint you new camo onto the color layer.

Step 8: Paint in all the other details.

Step 9: Add in any patches above the wrinkles layer.

Step 10: Flatten your skin.

Step 11: Save as .DDS. Save with DX5, and use existing mipmaps.

Voila, you have a new skin.

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alpha channel of the diffuse texture

.... What?

Ok.... Ive got my skin i put it in the game... and it comes out as plastic...

Fair enough to bright, so i made it Flat black to test...

They looked like they were wearing Leather!!!


"GIMP Recon Advanced Warfighter"

Can you please explain the basics of the alpha and how to straight up make it NON Plastic,

Making the skin itself isnt a problem..

But removing the plastic i cant work out.


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This is begining to P1ss me off...

Its now saying To Many Channels To Export (5) when i go to save...

Ive done it all correctly, even took the Alpha from the original skins..

But i cant get it to save now, Please?

Heres a link to my PSD, its all flattened, Alpha channel is there, if someone could help me make it work as a DDS please.


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I sometimes get the "to many channels" message when I try to save textures aswell. Best way around this I've found to be opening one of the original textures from the game that has the same size as your texture, copy-paste your skin in ontop of the original, merge all layers into one and then hit "save as".

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