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Something wierd I saw today

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I was playing on a different server today and I was shooting across the way and I hear a sound not heard of in MP.

let me elaborate, We have all played MP mode(ok, not all of us, but a good majority) and we know what the weapons sound like, Scar, XM8 etc with AND without supressor. right?

ok I was doing business on the can(most of some of my best ideas and thoughts happen here :rofl: so i realized as i was shooting some baddies, i hear a different sound, one I haven't heard of since SP mode. I looked low right below me and one of my teammates was using an MP5. Now how can this be? So here's what I'm thinking;

With the abilities that GRAW has to be edited(.XML files) I'm taking my best educated guess and say that someone who's running this server has edited their XML file or something in such a way that one can access the MP5 without triggering an error message somehow.

I promise you, I saw the weapon with my own eyes and thought how strange that was. I'm concerned in that this might allow of circumvention of servers somehow. Now, the MP5SD isn't the baddest weapon in the bunch, but it's quietness can make you almost invisible to sight and hard to hear.

Has anyone else seen what I did see today? this is terribly disconcerting as it can be an exploit used to use items that are otherwise not MP mode items.

Added: excuse me if i back this up to say that it might be a server thing or an indivual thing, which if it is a client side thing can be very bad for the MP gaming scene.

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Here is what I see when I go to my MP kits when I join a server. there is no MP5 listed unless I missed something. But there's no secondary kit slot as you will see or is there?

Added: lol i guess I'm getting old. I just never thought about those other two slots. just to think I only concerned myself with my primary weapon all this time :( blimey!

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