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Played GRAW at all difficulty levels and it is growing on me. With maps and mods and an editor, it should be OK...if you go back and play the first GR missions...they aren't that great either! With mods like War of Infamy...I'd still go with Ghost Recon and its expansions. Activate HX5 for example.


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Callsign:Papa6 Drunkmexican*BDA*

Age: 37

Game:GR Graw uninstalled GRAW and reinstalled GR


Yes of the beerdrinking assassins. they are age specific apparently.

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Hi Strike

TRT_Nemesis (as its says over <--------)

Age: 37

Game: GR1 +Mods (Year of the Monkey was a great leap forward)

...lets not forget that GR1 had several years worth of patching etc, plus hardware changes etc. I cant wait for GRAW GR1 mod :)

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Ghost Recon.

Its the Reference fer me. :thumbsup:

Tough GRAW brings me really intense moments so far. (Coop-Cpn)

The Core is good. We'll see in the future. :grin1:

...missing the crickets. :ph34r:


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GRAW so far, its growing on me. I wish I could switch to different characters instead of all this freakin AI (1.16 patch is better). That made GR1 a tactical game for me. This is "just" a very enjoyable sneak em up. But yes, I like it. Don't know about replay value, I have played most missions several times because of the savgame system so I more or less know where the enemies are (even at my age ;) ). Hopefully there will be good mods.

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call sign: [NH]2W

game you prefer: GR1 + DS +IT + AS 2.6 for starters

RL has got in the way of a major upgrade and installing GRAW.

Just haven't had the time and a major upgrade is a task for a novice

like me. :lol:

Age group : 55

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