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CallSign: VeLocityChaoS

Age: 24

Game: GR1 ( GR:AW could be better after the patch, but as of the current version now with the 1 mode,5 maps and no server options etc. I think its a disgrace for anyone to claim it better than GR1 (which served close to 4,000 in its peak) and I think its an insult to Redstorm for saying so.

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Call Sign : [MY]Camo_Suit

Age : 32

Game : GRAW

ill noted all the nick above, if i see one of you im gonna say hi :rofl:

So how im going to know anyone of you is online?? really like to join and have some fun...

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Call Sign changes more than the Queen's undies.

Age : 25

I'm going to go for [GR] for the time being, although it won't be long

before that's completely swayed.

Simply because as it stands, Domination mode on it's own with Gamespy.... this aint even a fair comparison really is it.

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Call Sign: Viiiper

Age: 42

Played GR1 for four years from 2001 and still love it, but I see the future with GRAW

Like GR1 GRAW has the magic ingredient: CHARACTER

You may of not seen it yet on MP because your playing on the wrong servers, [kiddy servers]

but when you get onto a mature server....memories of GR1 start to reappear.

If you've played GRAW in SP then you know this game has CHARACTER now find a good MP server. :g_guns:

p.s. only 4 days to FRIDAY 16th...Hmmmm whats happening on that DAY ???

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I don't think it's fair to have an opinion yet as GRAW hasn't been finished according to it's fans. Show me a finished game, i'll gladly post an opinion

Here Here... Couldnt agree more.


Glad to see I'm not the only old fogy or the oldest old fogy that still likes gaming!!!! :g_guns:

Not by a long shot, sonny!




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call sign Buellsrusx1

game you prefer IE: GR1

Age group IE: 35

Been playing since rainbow six came out TC games are my fovorite I dont play any other war shooters. I play Lock On too.

I got hopes for GRAW but I also have a great disapointment too, no matter what they do I cant call it a success , I just hope I can warm up to it with time.

I gave up on raven shield due to disapointment, Lockdown was a joke.


Tried to play after GR1 after not playing 6 months to kill old habbits and thinking about loading that back in!!!!!!!!!


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age going on 70 [ true, old guys can have fun too ]

Have played GR since it came out, along with Flashpoint. Two of the best war

games ever. GRAW has a chance to be a great game if they can fix all the flaws,

and I mean ALL. Just hoping for the best. P.S. never played online, will try it one

of these days. Waiting for my new computer and the patch.

AMD FX-62, AZUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe, 2 GB Super Talent 800 mem., Raptor

150 gb 10k rpm, 2x SLI 7900GTX 512mb cards.

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Call sign: SteelHack on message boards everywhere....

but when in RECON MODE: B E A S T

age: 34

Right now GR1 is still my favorite...but if GRAW continues to develope like GR1 did....I easily see the tide changing.

The first time I played GR1 (XBOX) I hated it.....The first time I played GR1 (PC) I fell in love.


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Forrester, 31, Ghostrecon 1 is up till now my favorit.

I hope this game will turn up the way GR1 did, lasts still.

I dont play much, had Call of duty and Medal of honour, but I prefer tactical shooters, and do love GR1 as the best. (only had demo's of the others and did't bother to buy them, even copied ones....)

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