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Just read a lot of post....again all about the pro's n con's of GRAW & GR1

I would love to find out the age of posters with regard to game preferance. What i am looking for is your

call sign IE:strike

game you prefer IE: GR1

Age group IE: 15-20 21-30 31-40

You can add you real exact age if you like for a more accurate comparison. thats all the info required in this topic so no massive fights or posting just keep it plain & simple.

i will post next to show you what i mean.

many thanks

call sign:Strike

Game: GR1

Age: 38

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Call sign: (can only be shared with other phlookians from the planet Andromeda)

Age: 40 (going on 41) Yeesh! it's all downhill from here! :huh:

Game: Still gotta be GR1 (maybe it's an age thing) You young pups don't know youre born (now back in my day....................(snore........))

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Call sign: Cmdr Stormin

Game: GRAW

But I too did like GR1 very much... GRAW is more immersive.. The game is still new... In time it will play out as one of the best....

Age: 50

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