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ACU Skin

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Got to do the pants, and play with lighting adjustments before going into game. Wich really helped.

Heres what it looks like compared to a photo of the real deal. Skin is most of what you see and the red squad is the photo.


The lighting in the engine really is superb wich sadly I could never really tell because everything seems to have a yellow/orange hue to it.

Well heres a side by side of the same skin in the shadows and the bright sunny middle of the town square ... or circle or what have you.


and here is the actual screen capture in the middle.


its not always that bright or that dark either... a lot of times it will look like this.


Up next... getting the scaling of the pattern right wich seems to be a little off.

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I'm working on something similar too (hope you don't mind it), but Is not a really ACU camopattern , I mixed more pattern and layers.

But the result I'd like to reach is far , I'd like to do a skin really similar to the video intro ones but I'm half blind couse of the really small particulars so I'm working really slow.

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