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[Can someone identify what this equipment is ?]

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Okay, as you know, im well out of reach of DSL and Broadband, and can only get 33K 56k Modem dial up along with satelite (which sucks as they restrict downloading.. Meh..)

But theres a library with a really fast internet not far from my house in my area code.

They have this for internet. Can someone identify what it is?

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What library is it? It should be pretty painless to just ask them about their service. Libraries are public entities, and should have no reason to be less than candid about where the tech they are using comes from.

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Unless its too awkward to put all the cable in, wireless is nice and easy like that, but what connection speed that is is anyones guess, looks like the black box on the board behind the monitor is the modem but I dont recognise it.

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Well there are 2 wireless AP's there.

The top one with 2 antenae looks to be a router, juding by the switch on it, maybe even cisco juding by its 1337 blackness and the one at the bottom is obviously linksys. Its only a router, and there appears to be a small modem under it.

That thing behind the screen appears to have that yellow cat5 cable going into the wall, and i think the blue cable is coming out, or its just looped in a weird way. That other box wayyy up the wall has got a small loom of cat5 coming out of it and going to the roof, and has 3 other cat5 cables going back down towards the modem and the linksys, by the looks of the cords they are the only cables that go to the linksys.

Judging by the coax and the parralel port on the top box, its pretty old school, might even be a hub.

Who knows what is going on there, it is probably one of the most horrible comms setups i have ever seen. Crap going in all directions, they really needa nice cabinet up there with some organisation. But, all that costs money is suppose.

What the connection is very hard to tell from the gear. That grey box to the right of the top wireless router looks similar to the the boxes you ge on the side of your house if you get cable tv/internet. But, it could also be an alarm or something. Who knows.

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... you can network anything...a network doesnt even need internet to exist. Go to one of those internet speed testing websites from one the libraries PCs, see what it has to say

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Well, at the library i tried one of the bandwith sites, and the speed was somewhere between 240kbps and 275kbps. I guess its not the best, but id rather have that than this crap, and it is still a ton faster.

So... when i checked the bandwith site it was most likely ADSL.

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it's a cisco... looks to be a small cisco at that. No visual coax coming out of it, so it's not a 1500 series cable router. No phoneline connected to it or dsl modem visible.

I would say a fractional t1. (only a few lines for data, rest for phone

Does any of the boxes say CSU/DSU? (either on the cisco or the phone system)

I don't think it's dsl as i see no phone line going into the phone system box... but i do see a yellow cat 5. that makes me think it's a fractional t1 with a cisco router... way up in the right a switch (possible dlink by the color) and 2 linksys wireless access points

Umm... wait... that top linksys is a wireless access + router... note it has 4 empty ports... it's uh not plugged into anything and someone has the wan port plugged into something?

someone needs some organization... my head hurts now.

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