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Please, please, the nades! (mod 'm please)

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First again: this game is good, really good! (after making my ghosts 5 times more "damageresistant" :) )

... BUT the nades. Man, they are so frustrating!! Do you remember the grenade throwing in ravenshield? Perfect! Needed just a little practice but in GRAW it's so risky and difficult to throw a grenade in a bunker for instance and it's dangerous because of the bouncing!! (feels a bit like Doom III...). I blew myself up a couple of times (OK, I have to admit I expanded the explosion radius with 80% ;) ). Throwing from around a corner (leaning / peeking) is also very tricky somehow.

Anyway, someone, please, please make those nades more predictable. In real life I'm really bad at throwing things but hey: I'm a highly trained soldier in GRAW :ph34r:

Please :thumbsup:

EDIT: What about a "panic button"? A button that gives you and your ghosts godmode just for a few seconds in order to survive a bounced grenade? I know it sounds awfull but I hate it when blowing myself up...

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