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Is there a difference in the Xbox version then the PC version?

I have run the campaign on both platforms, and also on my friend's PS2.

In terms of mission scripting and map layout, the PS2 is very similar to the PC.

In terms of gameplay and graphics, the Xbox is closer to the PC version.

Just as an example the differences between the Xbox and PC versions are;

The airbase map on the Xbox version does not allow you to access the control tower, and the one level building next to it. On account of this the mission does not call for clearing the control tower, instead you just plant a demo charge next to the junction box. Lame.

The Red Square map also does not allow you to access the subway area, instead you simply go through a hallway that leads directly to the Red Square. Again, lame.

The scripting of the missions on the Desert Siege campaign are different. I definitely like the way they are scripted in the PC version much better (except for the river bed mission, the only one that is better on the Xbox).

For the most part the Island Thunder campaign missions and maps are the same.

The main disappointment to me with both the PC and Xbox versions was the omission of the Jungle Storm campaign. A supreme loss. I ran the JS campaign on my friend's PS2, and the maps and missions were simply awesome. A MAJOR disappointment in my opinion.

Hope that answers most of your questions.

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