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USMC 31st Reticules

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Another question on USMC for you guys:

I am getting the suspicion that some the Silenced weapons (rifles, not pistols) aren't really silenced to the enemies. Sure, we hear them as silenced, but that doesn't mean the program reads it that way for the tangoes.

Of course the rifles always did attract a little more attention, but as of the fourth board I am drawing so many tangoes with a silenced shot (from at least three different weapons) that it has made me curious.

Anyone else thinking this may be true?



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I totally agree. The exotic rets are a major distraction to what, all things considered, is a very excellent mod.

I'd really like to know how to turn them off or replace them with default GR rets.

If you guys go to the "News" page there's a link there for a patch that changes the reticles back to the regular GR ones. ;)

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On the question about the supressed weapons, i think i can shed some light on that. Open Igor and use the gun editor to open the weapons you are suspicious of. Look to make sure the Silenced box is checked. If it's not, just check it and hit apply at the bottom. If it is, then your ploblem is elsewhere. :blink:

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